Everything You Need To Know About Membership Sites & Online Courses

WordPress or 3rd-party platform? Fully-hosted or self-hosted? How to deliver Video and Audio? Youtube, Vimeo or Amazon S3? How to turn Members into Affiliates? Facebook Group or Self-hosted Forum? Paypal, Stripe or Authorize.net? Best WordPress plugins and themes? How to Create remarkable content? How to Repurpose content? Launch One-time Product first or a Recurring Subscription right away? How to position your products and memberships? (and many more questions answered)

Hi! I'm Ravi Jayagopal, Co-founder & Co-Developer of DigitalAccessPass.com (DAP), one of the most powerful and feature-rich membership plugins for WordPress. And I answer hundreds of such questions - like the ones you read above - in my new book "Subscribe Me". I have helped thousands of clients over the years successfully make, market and monetize their online digital content, using membership sites, online courses & recurring subscriptions. There aren't too many people more qualified than me - someone who has been there, done that - who can also teach you this stuff REALLY well!

  • 18+ years of my knowledge and experience selling online, packed into easy-to-read 175+ pages.
  • Look inside my head and know not just what I know, but also learn from my perspective on all things digital.
  • Answers to hundreds of most commonly asked questions and concerns about creating digital content and selling it via membership sites & online courses.
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Praise for SubscribeMe

“Ravi is one of the foremost authorities on membership sites & online courses. Every bit of his writing comes from years of selling online and helping others set up membership sites. If you want to learn from the best about recurring income and IGNITE your brand, this is THE book to read.”



“Ravi's book rams home a very important message: It's much smarter to get paid more than once for making one sale, and one of the best ways to do this online is to sell membership products. Read this book and your eyes will open to some incredible opportunities to make money online.”



“I’ve used membership websites to generate millions of dollars in sales over the past decade and I can tell you without a doubt that “Subscribe Me” will allow you to skip ALL of the costly mistakes I’ve made over the past decade and get it right the first time. Ravi cuts through all of the hype and B.S., giving you a concise, A-Z roadmap to build your first membership web site the RIGHT WAY.”



“If ever there was a no-holds-barred, step-by-step, hand-holding guidebook  teaching how to tap into the power of recurring income online, then this book is it.

I devoured ‘Subscribe Me’ over 3 days. Packed full of fluff-free, actionable content.  This is the ultimate guide to creating, growing and scaling your own Membership Site.  A hugely enjoyable and educational read.

I give it a 10 out of 10.”



“Finally, a book that actually gives you ALL the tools you need to create and successfully monetize digital content. Ravi has created a resource keeping a high degree of marketing integrity, which is severely lacking in this space of “internet marketing”. If your a beginner, or have already been selling products, this book will most certainly help you.”



“When it comes to membership sites and creating passive + recurring income - Ravi Jayagopal's book is one of my secret weapons.”

Luis Congdon



Membership Models & Content Strategies

Peek Inside The Book
Book Chapters

DOSAAS: DOSAA with an Extra “S”
Having a Job Sucks. So Does Selling One-Time Products
Launch Fatigue
80% Failure Rate
Subscribe Me!
Apple’s New Subscription Program
The “Perfect” Product
Membership Sites
Why Do You Even Need Membership Software?
Emails Suck
Total Business Automation
Creating a Membership Site
The $1.5 Billion for a Membership Site
Tools To Create Your Membership Site
1. Self-Hosted: WordPress + DAP + Amazon S3
Domain Registration & Web hosting
WordPress Membership Plugin
Media Hosting with Amazon S3
WordPress Plugin for Amazon S3
YouTube & Vimeo
Payment Processing
Membership Site Dream Team
2. Fully-Hosted Solutions
3. Third-party Marketplaces
Digital Sharecropping
Creating Content for Your Membership Site
Creating your own content
Re-purposing Existing Content
Guest Content: “Oprah Model”
User-generated Content (UGC)
Licensing Content
Publisher Model
Commitment Ascension Model (CAM)
Content Strategies / Models
Email Subscription
Email Subscription with Free Content
Digital Downloads
Video Courses
Audio Courses & Podcasts
Articles & Text-based Online Content
Live-Event Products
Coaching Programs
Member’s Area for Affiliates & Partners
Client/Customer Portal
Community/Forum Access

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Membership Models
1. One-time Products: Lifetime Access
2. One-time Products: Fixed-term Access with Optional Renewal
3. Recurring Subscriptions: Fixed-term
4. Recurring Subscriptions: Lifetime
5. Manual Recurring
6. Magazine Model
7. Coaching Portal
8. Credit Store: Credits & Rewards
9. Online Billing for an Offline Service
Payment Processing
Pricing Strategies
Price is Relative
Value Stacking
Exponential (Not Incremental) Tiers
Marketing Your Membership Site
Protect Your Affiliates
SEO Benefits from Affiliate Links
The “Snowball” Effect
Affiliate Commission Structure
How Much To Pay Your Affiliates
Selling Via Multiple Affiliate Networks
Joint-Venture (JV) Partners
Bartering for a Borrowed Audience
Don’t Go For the Blonde
Promoting On Your Own Web Sites
Ads on 3rd Party Web Sites
Solo Ads
Promoting on Affiliate & CPA Networks
Email Marketing
Secret Safe of Success
Content Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Upselling Your Membership
Member Retention
Great Content, Fresh Content
Dripping Content
Membership Bonuses & Incentives
Forums & Communities
Affiliate Incentive
Downsell at Cancellation
Customer Service & Support
One-time Product Launches vs. Evergreen Products
Membership Site Design
Site Design
Pages vs. Posts
Use Pages
Use Posts
Site Structure
Membership Site Launch
Pre-Launch Checklist
Selling Your Membership Site

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